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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Week in the Life: Monday's Photos and Words

it always takes me a couple of days to get into a groove with this particular memory keeping project. come monday morning, I either take way too many photos (thinking like it's a day in the life), or I totally forget!

as always though, there's so much to be documented, to be excited about, and to simply enjoy about the week.

there's no routine in this week - in so much as hubby is away overseas for work; my daughter and her partner who have been living with us are moving into their rental today, and I start a new job!

even the cats were thrown off!

Zoe's been working remotely for the company she left in Auckland a month ago, and will continue to work at our house during the week until they get their internetZ on.

new week, new job!
today i start a 6 month maternity leave contract
my arrival has been much anticipated and i'm excited for the possibilities. 

not a bad view!

back in the burbs, Zoe and Callum confirm once and for all that their first child is a GIRL! it still feels quite surreal, but we're all beyond excited. it's a big day for them - in more ways than one.

one of my routines when i'm working is to do the STUFF daily trivia quizzes. i've made a poor start to the week - i blame monday!

i can't wait to see zoe and callum's new place. it certainly looks like it's got lots of light and sun!

my work day was mostly spent getting set up. it's my first job where the office uses MAC. it's going to take a bit of getting used to using macs both at home AND at work! 

 even though i didn't work a full day, i DID take a few minutes to step out into the sun and grab a coffee.

at home, i did some dinner prep (that's MY lettuce from MY garden!!!) before heading to step class.

i collected Zoe and Callum on the way home because their windscreen shattered and the car is undriveable. they have managed to unpack everything in one day! they're absolutely exhausted - as you can imagine.

i also got to share their awesome news and make it 'facebook official' today. it's wonderful to share such a happy event.

Tash has recently taken up cross-stitch. i love how she suddenly decides to try something new and totally throws herself into it.

after dinner Tash and i watched 'dancing with the stars'. i honestly think the judges are watching a completely different show to us - some of their comments are so inconsistent! there was lots of yelling at the tv, but i'm hooked now, so i only have myself to blame - ha!

today ended up being one of those 'doing' days - where you're so busy DOING you end up not taking many photos. i don't mind though - it makes putting the album together way less complicated!



mandyb said...

it's a girl!!!!!!!!! ekkkkkkkk so so exciting!!!
and love your view from work too!!!

and ohhh what a cute place they are moving into!!!
great day 1 xxx

Caroline said...

Love your documenting. We were in NZ in Feb and I absolutely loved it, actually I wanted to stay!