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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Week in the Life: Tuesday's Photos and Words

if today could be summed up in two words, it would be CREATIVELY UNINSPIRED

- and MEH.

ok, that's 3.

this is the face of someone who woke before 5am and couldn't get back to sleep.
this is also the face of someone who lay in bed not being able to sleep, obsessing about how little sleep they were getting and how tired they were going to be later on that day.
yep. totally did that.

my long black, my eggs with feta, and my leftover salad from last night
oh, and my vitamins - all aimed at getting me through the "BIG M" in one healthy piece:
turmeric, fish omega, liver love bio blends and thyadren support.

who knew dry joints was a symptom of menopause?

man, i could write an entire post (and maybe i will!) but for now, here's the train i took to work.
my new contract is located handily to both the bus AND train, so i mixed it up today - and wouldn't you know it, i ran into a friend i hadn't seen in AGES! we had a great catch up and i ended up walking a giant loop around the block in town before getting to work, just to chat to her a little longer.

9 out of 15 on the daily trivia quiz.
that seems to be my sweet spot.
beat the 4 i got yesterday!

just a half day at work today. a quick selfie before catching the bus home.

the novelty of just how sunny this house has still not worn off.

i hope it never does!

our house is on 3 levels, with all our front door at street level and all the living downstairs.
we're totally hidden from the world. it's very cool.
also - look at that blue sky.

Christine. My Hero.

when they administer IV saline, she can actually taste it.
it's a relatively rare condition called PARAGEUSIA

my interpretation of chemo to cancer: it's like putting bullets in a dead body.
a bloody brutal insurance policy with high premiums.

today is her 4th and last dose of what we call 'the red devil'.

...and she's doing it all with a smile.

back home at Christine's, miss LILO waits patiently.

she and I have had a love/hate relationship.
i decided to be the adult and make friends (even though she went mental every time i visited, which had been daily - and even bit me one time!) by giving her a treat as soon as i come into the house. 
she sits for it and gives me a high-5.
(i wish cats were that trainable!)

back at my place, Zoe and Callum have officially moved out so i strip the bed.
i think this weekend i might even buy some new pillows and bed linen.
just because. i've had this lot for a while.

as i was writing the words for this post, i spied this beautiful sunset out my window.
i grabbed my phone and ran outside. talk about a sign. thank you universe
- for showing me joy in the simple things

no sooner had i put my phone away than this photo came through from hubby in samoa
so tranquil

dinner was delicious!
i mucked up the crumb for the tofu but it didn't alter how yummy it was

tash walked in the door from work just before 7 and was out again 15 minutes later to get to zumba.
i admire her commitment. especially after a day on her feet in retail!!!

i love and appreciate that my friend tas takes her too.

finally on my second book for the year
i took ages to finish "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" - not because it was a hard read. i just didn't dedicate enough time to reading.

can't wait for the movie to come out.

now I'm reading "The Stranger in the Woods". it's fascinating!
it TOO would make a great movie!



Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Msaula said...

Hello - I enjoyed following along on your day. Thank you for sharing.I will have to try that book, The Stranger in the Woods - sounds like a good one.

mandyb said...

didnt know Mr Sue was off to Samoa!!!!
loved your sunset photo too!!!!
sorry you had a crap sleep this day too xxx