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Friday, May 11, 2018

Week in the Life: Wednesday's Photos and Words

people don't believe me when i say i don't own anything black

well, here's the proof!

our move last year after 22 years in the same place meant a significant downsize - not just in square metre-age,  but in what we own, and my wardrobe was no exception. the space we have now is oriented completely differently and i reckon i dropped what i own by a third, and i LOVE it. 

i can SEE everything i own - and with only one cupboard in the house, that's not limited to the contents of my wardrobe!

7:11 am // still getting used to the 'big sky' that is our view at our new place.
again, a different orientation begets a different view and i love it.

experimenting with a bathroom selfie

i was meant to have finished up cleaning our bathroom last weekend, which is why the bathroom cleaner is still sitting on the sink...

having to make my own coffee all this week hasn't been TOO traumatic
long blacks certainly make it easier

not a fantastic photo, but certainly a fantastic view

we now live right in a suburban village where busses go from both sides of the street but end up at the same place. i think this is the 44 and i reckon it's quicker, has less people on it, and you get this awesome view!

the only down side is that there are dead cellphone spots on the route

Zoe and Callum are settling into their new rental and getting that broken windscreen seen to.

hands up who likes vietnamese food?

wednesday is the only day where everyone (all  7 of us) are in the office and it's the perfect opportunity to farewell the person for whom i'll be covering the next 6 months.

lemongrass chicken, minus the spring rolls
i think some of us ate the wrong meals, but i've never eaten lunch here and it was so crazy busy i just ordered what the person in front of me had - not knowing what it was supposed to look like!

either way, it was very yummy and i'll know better when i'm back at the end of the month for my friend's birthday lunch

handover week means musical desks

just before 4 o'clock, this was all swept aside for the regular wednesday office drinks

the reason i'm in this job
we both seem pretty happy about it :)

the dream team!
i already know i'm going to LOVE working with these awesome ladies

over in another part of the Pacific, hubby is rocking his lava lava during his week of work in Samoa

because the office drinks ran through the time of my usual yoga class, i went to a later one in the city

actually pretty happy with how these self timer shots worked out

the food bag meal tonight was WEIRD

that's the mixture that goes into the stuffed spaghetti squash.
i've never even SEEN a spaghetti squash before, let alone had to cut one into quarters, scoop out the seeds and bake them.

the success of this recipe hinged on those things being done well.

they were not...

flowers from my girl for having them live with us for the past month
it worked well and i can't wait to see their new place

yep, the cats still aren't coping with the week of no routine.

sid is extra needy!!!

10:36pm // Tash came home from babysitting and found me blogging.
 she told me how she's been asked to support one of the other stores in her retail chain, and how they use her end of day report as an example to other stores

"Me? MY report?"
she was so taken aback, and a bit chuffed too.

rightly so. 

this girl is barely out of her teens and she's so great at what she does.



Carmel said...

Sue is that the Veggie My Food Bag? I passed on this week's mainly because I didn't fancy that dish...

et agn├Ęs raconte said...

Good words for your photo.
Me to. For black I haven't much.

mandyb said...

well done Tash!!!
love more cat pics
and im the same with the house decluttering
in case i buy a house soon!!!