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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December Daily: Days 7, 8 and 9

1 week down, 3 to go!

when i look at my album, i realise it's 'heavy' on the people in my life

this makes me happy

 whether the people are coming or going (on a road trip, or a 2+ year adventure on the other side of the world), the people in our lives are what really matters.


Friday, December 7, 2018

December Daily: Days 5 and 6

Days 5 and 6 feature impromptu lunches with some of my favourite people 
and the Midland Park tree.

i didn't get the clear blue sky that would've made the pic look extra crisp, but that's just how Wellington weather in December rolls!

this was a tag i'd prepared as part of my foundation pages
i think the paper was previously a 4x6 card and the gold '5' is from an old DD main kit.

a while back i sat down and went through and bagged up all my number sets. I wrote on a piece of paper which numbers i had and added it to the bag, so now when i come to use a number i can instantly see if i have it, rather than tipping out the entire bag each time to sift through them all.

scrappy hack!!!

  the 'joy to the world' card was another i prepared ahead of time
i've had those large gold and white circles for a couple of years (another DD kit) and if i'm to stick to my rule, if i don't use them this year, then out they go, but i love them so much!

impromptu office lunches for the win


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December Daily: Days 3 and 4

i already have such a good feeling about this little 4x6 album of mine! 

the wooden '3' is from a previous DD main kit, as well as the manila tag.

my rule of thumb, is that any DD product from 2107 that I don't use in 2018 gets donated (and so on and so forth). I'm glad to be using these embellishments because i wouldn't want to let them go, but i'm trying to be strict with how much product i hold on to.

this is a filler page so i can have my photo and story on the same page -
otherwise it would feel a little disjointed, and my eye would twitch...

today i'm reminded that there's always a story in the minutiae of everyday.


Monday, December 3, 2018

December Daily: Day 2

Day 2 and all is well!

not too much more to say about this photo.

it was taken at my Scrapmates' Christmas BBQ

we hosted again this year, although the weather was not so kind.

i have been doing this project long enough to know that rain in December IS a super normal December Day!


Sunday, December 2, 2018

December Daily: Day 1

December Daily is here!

help, i wasn't ready!!!

let's pretend i'm not still working on Week in the Life (from May), and that Day in the Life was last week.

let's focus on this cute little red 4x6 album that actually has a plate under that chipboard Santa that says 2015!

i am determined to simplify this project this year and thereby make things easier for myself.

i even did some foundation pages! still not sure i can ever get onboard with that idea, but i was THAT inspired when i got this album out, that i went ahead and did a few.

i did my title page ahead of time

i wrote my intentions ahead of time

i lifted an idea from someone in the December Daily Facebook Group who did the Product Play Class

...and then on December 2nd, I completed my page for December 1st

we took over 80 photos, but all i wanted was one of the 8 of us, and here it is.
2 of my girls have iPhone XR's, so i borrowed their phones for the majority of the photos. 
the difference in quality is quite extraordinary.

(i've just realised i'm the only one not looking in the right 'hole' in this pic - ha!!!)

...and the words.

always about the words.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week in the Life: Sunday's Photos and Words

it's sunday AND mothers' day.

with 4 girls, there's a little light-hearted competition between them to be the first to wish me happy mothers' day (or happy birthday).

Katelin may have been the first FaceTime, but Mikaela (in London) got in first with a text.
her sisters claim an unfair advantage, (given that it's still only Saturday).

i hadn't FaceTimed Mikaela for a few weeks, so she 'rode into town' with us while we dropped Tash off at work and then parked before heading to breakfast.

the parking building had no less than 5 guys in hi-viz vests directing traffic.
turns out Arise Church meet nearby and use the same parking building we were heading into.
Clive got a little tongue-tied, and instead of saying 'bye hun' to Mikaela as were hanging up, he wound down the window and said "HI HUN!" to one of the young men directing traffic.


breakfast at PICKLE AND PIE
service has been patchy the last couple of times i've been here, but it was good today

they serve pies. with pickles.
awesome comfort food

i had about an hour back home before heading all the way across town to watch Katelin in action.
they lost 3-0 to Vic Uni's Varsity team, but she also made a tonne of awesome saves.

as i took this selfie, i contemplated the number of rainy sidelines i've stood on over the years.

on the plus side, overcast skies make the colour you're wearing really POP.

now that the family vegetarian as moved out, it's back to the gourmet food bag

 i spy Salmon - yum!

Clive in his 'man cave'.
when we were looking to move house and downsize, we had 5 main criteria that we wanted in a house. most of them were deal-breakers:

- smaller
- new
- no land
- his and hers craft spaces
- closer to town

we actually ended up slightly further away from town (the next suburb), but we ALSO ended up living on the flat for the first time since 1983. we love it here.

We decided to keep our sofa bed (which came in handy at Christmas) and it's also great for sitting with Clive with a cuppa or a drink to see what projects he's working on.

back into town for dinner and a movie
this restaurant had only opened an hour before we got there (doesn't take bookings)
town was so incredibly busy that we ended up eating our meal at the bar table we had
(it was perfectly adequate).
we had actually allowed 2 hours to eat before the movie (something we never do), but just as well!

excellent gift-giving runs in the family. i got some colourful new workout pants, a new blusher and some gorgeous vanilla bean shower gel (vanilla bean is my favourite fragrance).

these little dragon tacos were DELISH!
the 'taco' is roti, and who doesn't love roti?

i decided that this faux garden wall at the cinema complex would be perfect for taking photos.

because we allowed 2 hours before the movie, lots of photo taking was indulged.
plus it was mothers' day and they couldn't refuse.
PLUS they had refused en masse at the last movie to have their photo taken and couldn't possibly turn me down twice!

i realised that it's been many, many years since we've been apart for more than a night or two.
absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

3 out of the 4 of my girls. i love them so much, and they're all so awesome.

over in london, mikaela and kirsty take themselves and their soy lattes to free facials.
they were bitterly disappointed, as it turned out to be a giant hard cell for a cosmetics brand, and the facials weren't even that good!

...and that's my Week in the Life!

350-odd photos
i shouldn't have worried that i wasn't taking enough.

whatever i took, and whichever ones i use WILL be enough.


Week in the Life: Saturday's Photos and Words


it's been a full on week, and i've been looking forward to not doing very much at all today.

disappointingly, i woke at 6am, but i DID manage to get back to sleep - yay!

i had a buddy, although i'm sure he was just keeping an eye on me to make sure he got fed.
'service' this week has been patchy at best lol

hubby has been away for work ALL WEEK.
i'm such a tidy sleeper that his side still looks as unmade as it did a week ago.

he's on his way home though - yay!

bonding over mutual starvation

it's tash's weekend too, although she has to go to work tomorrow.
she has zero plans today, aside from working on her latest cross stitch project.
cruisy days at home are the best.

we actually had an interesting discussion at this point. Tash said "oh i probably should do something", and we talked about how just 'being' is 'doing' and how we've arrived at a place where if you're not busy, then you're somehow failing.

she's nursing a sore neck and wasn't able to get into our chiropractor, so it's the wheat hottie to the rescue

i took the opportunity of having Zoe [working] at home during the day to get our 'gobbler' fixed.  here's a couple of things waste disposal units don't like:

MEDJOOL date stones
(and made avocado stones)
the latter being unconfirmed...

i've decided that i'm going to head to the market in town
the main reason for my excursion to the market is to get my hands on a lemon meringue blondie from Lashings of Food. i bought a couple the week before when they were at the harbourside market.

i park the car far away and walk, so that totally makes buying 2 brownies ok, right?

it may be overcast, but i never tire of the view over our harbour

plus this chalkboard makes me smile

main reason for heading to the market = brownies

bonus = baby clothes (among other things!)

oh, and that's Brenda. she was BEYOND thrilled to discover that her little mobile eftpos terminal offers paywave.

earrings made from the currency of my birth year
gifts for our new neighbours,
and wool for a crochet project

i always try and include the price of petrol in my memory keeping projects, even if i'm not filling up the car.

24 hours later it was 3 cents dearer - i couldn't believe it!
that has to be a 2+ year high, and I'm surprised it didn't even make the news
it usually does, especially given the bad press our local petrol companies have received lately.

i had free tickets to the food show, which runs friday and all weekend, but i just didn't feel like filling every second of my weekend, although i probably would've enjoyed this donut, as Katelin and Nora did!

my other reason for heading into town was to replace some of our guest bedroom linen.
now that the room is empty, i thought i'd splash out on some new pillows, although is it really considered splashing out when everything is semi-permanently discounted up to 60%?!

i spent ages trying to figure out which pillows to buy.
i also thought it was time to replace the duvet cover for a fresh and light colour. 


blog blog blog blog blog

and then [again], i spied that unmistakable pink glow outside my window and ran out the door to see this.

that's my scrap room there on the right with the lights on

he's baaaaaaack!

...and with duty free goodies!!!

happy saturday!